Technology replacing humans

A recent study conducted by Oxford University shows that a significant number of jobs in the US will be at risk in the next twenty years. According to the report, the jobs at risk (47%) are due to the computerization and automation of business processes in the workplace. Jobs in the manufacturing, transportation, logistics and office administration industries will be mostly hit as repetitive tasks can now be done by robots. Tech news giant Mashable even listed the traditional jobs that are being replaced by machines or automation software. These jobs include bank teller, cashier, mail carrier, and travel agent. Advanced technology has made it possible for most of these jobs to be handled by machines or software capable of doing the same job.

These days, everywhere you look you can see advanced technology at work: supermarkets in various countries now have automated check-out counters that let shoppers pay for their purchased goods without the aid of a person behind a cash register. Just recently, Amazon announced its plan to use flying drones capable of delivering packages, thus eliminating the need for couriers, which my attorney at gwinnett bankruptcy attorney doesn’t particularly like. Google, Audi and BMW have developed driverless cars while travel Web portals Continue reading Technology replacing humans

Global Warming

Welcome to our new blog about uncharted futures and the state of the planet. We will explore the global warming issues and the alien encounters that have been discussed over the last several decades.

The term global warming is used to describe an increase in the average temperature of the earth’s atmosphere. Global warming has been an important issue for some time now, but only became truly serious seemingly a few years ago. Due to pollution, greenhouse gases and various other causes, global warming is now a major concern as scientists are saying that due to the dramatic climate change we could basically be expecting the end of days. It is important to be aware of the effects of global warming and how the effects of global warming are causing problems. My buddy at pressure washing gainesville ga is a fanatic about this topic and he says the effects of global warming are no joking matter.

We all are hearing about global warming now more than ever before and this is no surprise. We see it in movies and hear about it on the news all the time. That just goes to show how major an issue this is and how seriously we should all be taking it. Often you even see celebrities on television Continue reading Global Warming