Global Warming

Welcome to our new blog about uncharted futures and the state of the planet. We will explore the global warming issues and the alien encounters that have been discussed over the last several decades.

The term global warming is used to describe an increase in the average temperature of the earth’s atmosphere. Global warming has been an important issue for some time now, but only became truly serious seemingly a few years ago. Due to pollution, greenhouse gases and various other causes, global warming is now a major concern as scientists are saying that due to the dramatic climate change we could basically be expecting the end of days. It is important to be aware of the effects of global warming and how the effects of global warming are causing problems. My buddy at pressure washing gainesville ga is a fanatic about this topic and he says the effects of global warming are no joking matter.

We all are hearing about global warming now more than ever before and this is no surprise. We see it in movies and hear about it on the news all the time. That just goes to show how major an issue this is and how seriously we should all be taking it. Often you even see celebrities on television who are talking about global warming and who are trying to use their celebrity to influence people and let them know the seriousness of the topic.

The effects of global warming are astounding, and it is important for all people to be aware of the effects of global warming and how they impact not only themselves but the rest of the world as well. The results of this natural disaster are truly alarming and for people who are not sure what global warming is all about, it is important that they make themselves aware.

What are the Most Noticeable Effects?

Of all the most noticeable and major effects of global warming, one is the spread of disease. No one likes to think about getting a disease and getting sick, but the fact of the matter is that the way things are going now, as northern countries get warmer, disease carrying insects migrate north. As they do, they are bringing plague and disease with them and so especially if you are someone that lives in the north you are going to need to be aware of this and be prepared.

This is something that no one has prepared for, and so scientists are not yet up to date in terms of vaccines and other medicines that are going to necessarily be able to protect people from this sort of disease.

Of course one of the most talked about effects of global warming has to do with the ice caps melting. If you see movies like The Day After Tomorrow which basically revolves around the topic of global warming, you will see that this is one of the major parts of the plot. The reason that this is such a substantial effect of global warming is because if the polar ice caps were to melt, the entire earth would basically be gone. First it would raise sea levels and then it would throw the entire global ecosystem out of balance.

As a result, the ocean will be made less salty and fish and other sea creatures are going to suffer because their living conditions are going to be changed dramatically. It will also endanger certain species of animals, and not only that but global warming could snowball even further if the ice caps were to melt. These are just a few of the most dramatic effects of global warming that you should be aware of.

Remember, there are so many different things that we can all do in order to stop pollution and hopefully global warming as well. When you go to the supermarket to get groceries instead of using plastic bags which are not recyclable you can take a backpack or some cloth bags and you can use these instead. There are also hybrid cars that you can drive and which help by not polluting. These are great ideas on what you can do to help fight against global warming.

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